Iguana Juan’s Restaurant & Bar

The property

Iguana Juan’s is more than a restaurant and bar; it’s an open air pavilion located on an upstairs perch; it’s the perfect spot to kick back and relax and take in the real San Pedro, watching the vibrant local culture of Back Street unfold in the day to day life of San Pedranos.  Iguana Juan’s offers authenticity: from the off the beaten path location, to the love that goes into each dish and cocktail prepared, to the unique events that brings local, expats and tourists together.

Iguana Juan’s round two for Brad and Shannon.  They owned one of the largest independent comedy clubs in the country, along with two onsite restaurants, in their hometown of Raleigh, NC.  They draw from that experience, and they are happy to be doing what they love while answering that desire to expand their world.  They look forward to welcoming you to their little space on La Isla Bonita with a refreshing drink, a great meal and a memorable experience.


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